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Kati — ‘coconut milk’ in Thai — emphasizes traditional cooking techniques and harmonious flavors to create fresh, unique takes on new and existing recipes you won’t find anywhere else.

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Tom Kha


Tom Kha is the gentler, even-tempered little sister to the venerable Tom Yum. A savory coconut milk base and herbal flavors of galangal and lemongrass make this soup irresistible from start to finish.

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Angel Wings


Called ‘Angel Mushrooms’, for their likeness to feathered wings, these crisp and scrumptious oyster mushrooms are immersed in Kati’s heavenly sesame batter and fried until golden brown.

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Kati Satay


In Thailand, the satay vendor guards its sauce recipe with absolute secrecy. Kati takes its inspiration from a satay shop in the town of Sriracha—a beach town in the eastern seaboard province of Chonburi—regarded by us as the best peanut sauce in the world.

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Som Tum Kati


The quintessential dish of the Isaan region of Thailand. Made with the 'krok' — or mortar-and-pestle — there is simply no substitute for the juicy crunch of raw papaya slivers pounded in a zesty blend of lime, palm sugar, peanuts, and fresh chili peppers.

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Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea)


This popular sweet beverage can be found at almost every street corner in Bangkok. At Kati, we like to taste our tea when we drink it, so we brew our own black tea and add just enough sugar as necessary, topping it off with a rich shot of coconut cream.

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Lychee Ginger

The exquisite floral aroma of the lychee fruit is carried on a backdrop of tamarind with a slight herbal bite of crushed ginger.

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Thai-Chinese-style Noodles


Grandma's recipe calls for cruncy cabbage, carrots and fresh wheat noodles, seasoned with sesame oil and Himalayan Pink Salt.

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Pandan Pudding Cups (Kanom Tuay)


These bite-sized coconut cream pudding desserts are infused with pandan leaves and gently steamed. Careful preparation and precise timing is required to achieve the ideal melt-in-your mouth texture.


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